A picnic in Mallorca

Last week we decided to visit a friend in Mallorca very spontaneously. We had three nights and two days full of sun and good mood in the Northeast of Mallorca. It was a quite short trip but we enjoyed every minute of it and that’s why it was totally worth it to go there for a weekend only. 


A week ago when we had dinner with friends in Berlin, Fergus told us about his upcoming vacation in Mallorca and he invited us to his Finca. The next day Ansgar and I booked the flights and spent two days in Mallorca. It was the best idea! We both were quite stressed because of work recently and couldn’t relax at home — my head was full with so many things and I didn’t expect to feel so relaxed in Mallorca but the minute we arrived at our friend’s Finca I totally forgot about my everyday life. It helps a lot to be surrounded with nature, animals and the sea. Especially sea air is what I love most. It was my second time in Mallorca and I saw different parts this time. We stayed close to a village called “Artà” — it’s in the Northeast and is quite small but it has many little streets which give it a special character. 

The next day our friends decided to go to Palma but we wanted to be close to the sea and decided to enjoy a picnic. First we visited different villages around Artà: Manacor (where we bought all the groceries for the picnic), Capdepera, Son Servera — all the villages are approx. 15 minutes far from each other. 

The bay we had our picnic at is called “Cala Rotja” and it’s perfect for everyone. There are rocks which are not too high where kids jumped into the water and there is also a little sand beach with a great view and the lower rock where we had our picnic.

As you can see I had the possibility to take pictures from every angle. We went there shortly before sunset to enjoy the best light and when it wasn’t too hot anymore. I listened to the sound of the water and drank a glass of Rosé while it got dark, it was quite romantic and calm. I need silence from time to time. Actually a lot more than I think I need. I realized that all the noises which are surrounding me in the city and other crowded places make me feel really unsettled and sometimes even anxious. That’s why I really need that balance and nature comforts me a lot.

On our second day we had a long breakfast, went to another beach with our friends close to Artà and had a barbecue at the Finca in the evening. We were quite sad when we had to leave but had such a wonderful time!