A trip to Casa Cook Chania

I had the pleasure to spend a few days at the new Casa Cook in Chania. It’s the second largest city of Crete in Greece. The beautifully designed retreat hotel found its perfect place next to the sea and is wonderful to enjoy at all ages.


It was one of my biggest destination wishes to go the Crete one day. So I was very happy that I had the chance to go and explore the newly opened Casa Cook hotel in Chania. We arrived in the evening and I already felt the friendly staff with their warm welcome. The first thing we saw was the amazing view from the reception: it’s on the highest point of the hotel where you can see the villas & houses going down on different levels and I had to catch my breath first when I saw the blue sea right in front of me. I love to see the horizon — it relaxes me and makes me feel home even though I grew up in a city.

With entering the reception you can already see how amazing the architecture and concept of this hotel is: minimalistic interior with well-chosen furniture but a very warm and perfectly mixed selection. There is a winding road down the main area where you can ask the reception for a car or you can walk down and see the beautiful architecture from different angles.


We had the pleasure to have dinner with different courses right after we arrived. What is better than Greek food after a flight? The restaurant and bar are very close to the sea, there is also the main pool area right next to the restaurant. It’s so cozy with all their wooden outdoor furniture. Sitting there, having a refreshment with a drink or jumping into the pool or just enjoying the view from the bar/restaurant inside — both ways are great.


When you enter your room you actually don’t want to leave it ever again: Every house has it’s own entrance with big windows from the floor to the ceiling and a private pool and the bed is as it comfortable as it looks. Not having so many walls around made me feel free and having the possibility to swim whenever I want was the best! I woke up for a swim every morning and sat in the sun with my coffee right after — I don’t have to ask for more. Then you realize how relaxing it really is to enjoy a good hotel like Casa Cook where everything is on point and where you can lean back and recharge your batteries.


I love to have breakfast right after waking up, so I didn’t wait too long to go the restaurant on my first day. They’ve got plenty delicious options: from sweet to savory, lots of fresh and dried fruits, many different spreads and toppings. What I really loved was the intense taste of everything what grows there. For lunch & dinner we mostly ate too much, because you can’t have enough of the delicious food of Meze, fish or meat and the homemade bread with Tzatziki — their cook is amazing. I wish I could have tried everything from the menu. The wine menu is also so perfectly chosen, the local Cretan wine is an excellent match to your mediterranen meal. We also had the chance to taste their beautifully styled cocktails. Casa Cook tries to be as sustainable as possible and to use everything what grows in the environment.


The concept of the hotel is perfect for every age, but this time they created an area for kids only and every detail is perfectly thought through when it comes to having fun or protecting the little ones. When I saw the place which was only built for children I really wished to be a kid again. I would have loved it! It’s so nice to see kids around you laughing and playing during daytime. It made me feel warm inside. The kids space is right next to the restaurant so you can leave your child and still feel close to them. The beach is also only 2 minutes away from the main area.


We didn’t only enjoy the stay at Casa Cook but also went to see Chania. It’s old town is a reflection of the Venetian influences until the 15th century. The streets and buildings are restored until today and show a picture of the past combined with beautiful details of nowadays. You can have a beautiful stroll around the little corners and visit beautiful showrooms with local jewelry makers and art. The other day we visited the village Margarites where we had lunch at the most authentic Greek local place called “Mantalos Taverna”. We also had the chance to get to know Ema & Aris from AE Cermaics and learned how to make pottery. It was such a great experience.

All in all it was the perfect trip for me, not only exploring the beautiful Casa Cook hotel but also seeing the surrounding places.