Citrus bath

This portrait shoot was about all the things I love and how to combine them.


I am back with lots of pictures and I want to be honest with you: I was a little overwhelmed when I started this blog. One of my concerns in the beginning was that there are so many good bloggers out there how can I keep up with them? It’s always the same problem which holds one back, isn’t it? I thought others wouldn’t  deal with those thoughts but I learned many of us do. We always compare ourselves even if we are not aware of it. Many of my followers on Instagram ask me about the way I am editing my pictures or which camera I’m using — those are tools which will help you to create a certain style but they won’t let you find yours.

I’d love to share my thoughts and my work more often with you and I will try my best to keep up with it. I love to post on Instagram and how it makes me feel connected to others. But on the other hand it is not possible to tell more about myself and this platform here allows me to do so. 

So back to my thought: 

I love to capture things that make me happy — still at the same time I always thought I need to find one subject I love most and concentrate on that. When I started to take pictures it was all about portraits, a few years later I realized that I love to take photos of food and flowers, too. So I asked myself why shouldn’t I plan a photo shoot where I can have all in one space? That’s what this shoot was about: a nice room with beautiful daylight, flowers, fruits, a free-standing bathtub (of course) and a pretty model. But its more than that — it’s to show my old self that everything is possible. I don’t force  or push myself in one direction and that’s the best thing about art. 

When it comes to portrait shoots I always try to find new locations. That’s why I asked Gorki Apartments — such a great partner to have. All apartments look differently and are beautifully styled.

If you are ever planning to visit Berlin, it’s the best place to stay (& you can discover the locations I love to use for my shoots!)

model: Julia (@wwjkil)