Top 4 Turkish Restaurants in Berlin

I visited four different Turkish restaurants with Yeni Raki - one better than the other.


Berlin is quite popular for its Turkish kitchen and today I'm going to show you my top four favorite restaurants I've visited together with Yeni Raki Deutschland over the last weeks.  I asked a few friends if they wanted to join me for a nice dinner because beside small Kebab shops it seemed they haven't been to Turkish restaurants yet. I felt like I needed them to know: there is more than just Döner Kebab around the corner. There are several types of Kebab from different areas of Turkey and they are also famous for their fish & seafood culture. And what's most important: you can enjoy Yeni Raki not only with the main dishes but also with different kinds of Meze - it's Turkish Tapas which are a must for a joyful evening. I grew up with Turkish food, but I don't really cook it myself since I live alone and don't have much time. So I prefer to leave it to the best chefs in my city.


FES - Turkish BBQ

FES is the place where you can barbecue your own meat. Located in a nice area in Kreuzberg and super close to the metro station - you have a great atmosphere not only inside the restaurant which has warm brick walls but also outside; sitting on their terrace like we did. All tables have a built-in barbecue, the only thing you have to do is to start the electric barbecue and decide for yourself how you want to eat your meat. Plus a bottle of Yeni Raki and you can start enjoying the Meze while barbecuing the rest.


Meer & Mehr

This restaurant is in a calm neigbhourhood in Tempelhof. It's a cute spot with attention to detail. A very friendly and nice couple are running this place and you can feel that they love what they do. Here at Meer & Mehr they are more focused on fish & seafood, but you can also have meat, which was also really delicious. We couldn't decide and ordered way too much because everything on the menu was so compelling! Yeni Raki and fish - the perfect match.




Agora is a new place in Mitte. It's a quiet and big place; perfect for a group of people. They also have a big outdoor area and eventhough the street is in front of the restaurant it's so calm and green; you feel like being on vacation. They offer traditional Kebab and needless to say - it's worth it! Go and treat yourself. We ordered food for six people and had a big bottle of Yeni Raki. We had such a good time that in the end we were the last guests. It was such a nice summer evening.



Osmans Töchter

Last but not least: Osmans Töchter. I've been here once before and I had to try it again because I knew - they combine traditional Turkish cuisine with a modern touch. They do know how to style their dishes; that's for sure. Again great attention to detail and also very tempting menu which makes you want to order as much as you can. My favorite was definitely Osmans Kebab and the Anchovis!