Last year I've started a new series called "Picturesque" - it's about portraits of woman which look painted. 

My idea behind this series is to create a connection between painting and photography. There has always been one, a complicated one. So my thought was to show how much we actually can benefit from another. Painters can use photography as an inspiration and vice versa. 

Photography found a place alongside painting back in the 19th century and since then they have had a fruitful relationship. Painters claim that photography did its best to put painting out of business, because the technology allowed to produce pictures way cheaper than paintings did although it was the same object. Early photographers adopted the way painters worked and created similar pictures in order to show and to demonstrate that what they do is as serious as the work of painters. 

The series still continues. I want to show you my latest work with Paola and the ones I already took with Sophie, Clara and Ray.


Portrait Shoot 012.jpg
Portrait Shoot 004.jpg
Portrait Shoot 005.2.jpg
Portrait Shoot 002.jpg
Portrait Shoot 006.jpg
Portrait Shoot 007.jpg
Portrait Shoot 013.jpg
Portrait Shoot 010.jpg