Last year in October Visit Jordan invited me to explore Jordans nicest places. I was lucky to spend my days with another great photographer Thomas Kakareko. We had the best guide, Mohammed. Both of us felt pretty comfortable next to him and his stories never ended, he had so much to tell and we had so much to learn about this country.

Our first stop was in the capital city "Amman" a place full of buildings and shops everywhere. It somehow reminded me of Ankara in Turkey, the hometown of my family. I've never been to an Arabic country and even though I’ve discovered some similarities between Turkish and Arabic people they have different cultures - so I felt both, close and strange at the same time.


The next day our journey continued to an unexpected place. We were listening to Mohammeds stories while passing the Dead Sea and at some point we arrived in a village were we had to change the jeep for a small truck. What really amused me the entire road was watching Thomas (who is quite tall) squeezed between two guys in the backseat. Approx. one hour later we arrived at our accommodation in Feynan Ecolodges reprospective it was one of my favorite places. It had no articfical light - no electricity, no power at all. Even though we enjoyed this independence we needed to locate a spot to connect to the world. So we found this place with signal underneath a tree and a closer surrounding. We were literally sitting under a really small tree to communicate with the world out there, we decided that we actually don't want to connect with the world and prefer enjoying the silence in the middle of nowhere. What a beautiful place it was and I just loved my room.


One of the most fabulous mysteries was waiting for us the next day: The Treasury of Petra. This city is unique for it's rock-cut architecture, it was half built half carved in stone. The Nabateans inhabited Petra since 312 B.C., long before the emergence of the Roman Empire. After walking about 20km, Thomas and I decided to ride a donkey after our long walk and we were looking forward to sit and dine as it was part of our schedule.


So we went to a restaurant called "Petra's Kitchen" and suddenly we realized that we had to make an effort to have dinner: It was a cooking class. I've never done something like that before, but it was such a nice experience. We learned how to cook local food like Baba Ganuj, Tahina Salad or Sawanee Dajaj. 

The next two days were quite interesting too. I saw the desert for the very first time, riding camels and eating self-made bread. Wadi Rum Desert was one of the most wonderful places I've been so far. It seems like there is no end. Your thoughts are endless, you feel warm inside.


(A big thanks to Thomas, Marion, Rafa, Alina, Julia, Sarah)