Chronic Disease x Quinoa Bowl

This post is about my last few months and how a disease changed my life - in a good way. 

In the end of January I woke up and discovered little red dots on my stomach. I've never noticed any before so my first thought was that I must be allergic to something. I observed it a few days and realized it got worse.

The doctor said he doesn't know what it is and called his colleague who himself was also wondering about it. After a biopsy and two weeks of waiting they diagnosed pityriasis lichenoides chronica. Ok. Wait what is that? They couldn't tell me more specifically because they’ve never dealt with it before and sent me to the hospital for further treatment. Meanwhile my whole body was covered with dots and I can describe the pain somewhere between an itch and a burn. At the hospital I was provided with further information such as this disease is rare and the cause of PLC is not known.

It was depressing to go to the doctor all the time without knowing what could be helpful in my situation because they didn't know either. I couldn't wear any tight clothes, my whole body was burning. Cortisol and antibiotics was all they were giving me. I gained weight, felt weak, didn't want to do anything anymore.  I felt pretty weak for weeks when I decided to change my life. I was reasonably sure I have to stop with conventional medicine especially in this certain case.

I changed many habits and had to question many things in my life. What are you doing to your body that this is the way it is responding? How can you threat it differently? What stresses you? I realized how much the things and people that surround you have an impact on you. I changed the way I approach my life (and I'm still trying my best) to be sure what to do and how I feel while doing it. I've always had problems after dinner, felt bloated or very tired, but I didn't change anything until I was sick.

To cut a long story short: I banned sugar, gluten and milk products out of my life. No cabbage or other bloating vegetables. I started to eat very controlled every day. I was always cooking healthy in the past but I wasn't listening to my body like I do now. So here is an example of one my favorite bowls: Quinoa with asparagus, green leaves, avocado, radishes, green peas served with goat cheese, walnuts, dried tomatoes and pomegranate for the sweet and fruity aroma. You can combine whatever you want. Myself I love to have both, a soft and strong flavor. I'm also adding herbs like mint or basil.


I am pretty sure that even if you stop eating what you love you will find new recipes and ingredients you've never used before because you didn't had to experiment with other ingredients. So I've never been into Quinoa but it's one of my favs lately!


So many people think it’s hard because you are not allowed to eat a Pizza or Pasta outside anymore but there so many other nice options. It was the same when I was a vegetarian for a few years - there is no need to feel sorry about different lifestyles. I do respect every decision people make for themselves without judging them and I still can hang out with them. Now, since I changed my habits and especially my attitude towards myself - I feel lucky that my body responded that way because otherwise I wouldn't have changed anything. My rash is almost gone and it’s getting better every day. I also did some Detox and I want to continue. I am not so tired anymore and I don't apologize about every stuff I did or do to myself. I've started to write down my thoughts and to realize what it means to feel a certain way.

If you want to change or achieve something the first step is always starting with yourself and realizing what exactly that is. It's okay to feel bad sometimes or even constantly for a period but it can help you realize much more and better if you don't bury your feelings. Of course it would have been much better to start earlier without having a disease. This is not just about eating habits though - it's also about your mental condition and how you feel inside. I’ve learned so many things and one conclusion was the most important discovery: don’t rush yourself.