Memories of a love story

Not long ago I've found my passion for videos. My first story is about love, of course. Actually it's about forgiveness and that's part of love.

Before I tell you anything, I want you to watch it first:

There are always memories in the making and my way to remember them has always been capturing them on pictures. Sometimes, maybe once a year or even less, I open a box with these memories in it. Mostly pictures from the far past. Those pictures tell my story. The last time I opened one of these boxes was shortly before I made this video. 

I think love is about forgiveness, not only forgiving the other person but yourself, too. If you love someone, it might fade away with time but you can still feel love for this person in different ways. Even if it is just the memory of it. That's what matters to me and what I want to tell with my pictures when it comes to love.

Some people might say - you can only love someone new if you love yourself. I think it's also about being ok about what you felt in the past and if you got it out of your system without having mixed feelings while looking back. This is my way to capture my feelings while thinking back and seeing all the details in my boxes. It's not always putting a smile on my face; but it doesn't have to.