Chef at Luis C. Jakob

Earlier this year I documented the two Michelin star chef Thomas Mann from Luis C. Jakob in Hamburg.

I spent two days in Hamburg with the chef Thomas Mann while he was visiting his local farm, the fish market and in his kitchen where he was preparing food. The first stop was a farm nearby Hamburg where all the good ingredients for his restaurant are from. It was great to see how he cared about all the vegetables and the procedures of their treatment.


After collecting all the fresh ingredients we went to a huge hall in the center of the city: a salad farming place. It was so interesting and exciting to see how you can grow salad in such a different way. I've never tasted this kind of delicious salad leaves before.


I'm even more into fish since I know about my food intolerance to fish and seafood. I'm craving for having a nice meal with fish and I've already tried more than five times to act as if I'm tolerant and every time it got worse. Still it was worth trying. Although nowadays I'm convinced by the importance of being careful about what you eat and how you deal with it.


Our last stop was at the restaurant and I took some portraits of Thomas Martin and his sous chefs. Of course I also documented them while they were preparing food. For me as a big food lover I was thrilled to see how it works behind the scenes and I also got some new tips, for example how to hold your knife the right way cutting different ingredients!