Tod's at the Baltic Sea

Last summer I shot an editorial for TOD's and decided to go the Baltic Sea. 

I had to postpone this shoot regularly for two weeks because even in summer you never know how the weather is going to be. Especially in Germany you get the feeling as if the conditions change constantly. When the sun finally came out we took the train to the the Baltic Sea with new Tod's shoes and bags with us.


I love to combine fashion with natural environment. When my clients leave the decision where to shoot to me I always try to make it as natural as possible. That's why I decided to arrange a picnic by the sea.


The plot which I wanted to create was about a young woman who decides to go the sea just on her own. The importance for taking time for yourself and enjoy a day off without other people constantly surrounding you. And what's better than spending it at the sea and feel the warm sand underneath your feet and body?